Governed XBRL Data Lakes

business-led • taxonomy-driven • self-maintaining
Create and analyze XBRL/iXBRL data using our taxonomy-driven data management software and tools.


We have an API for everything. Hiding the complexities of a technical 3000 pages standard. Simple. Direct. No hassle.


Integrates with the tools you like. Does not reinvent the wheel. Excel, Tableau, R, Hadoop, you name it.


Collect, consolidate, comply. Keep full control and data lineage with a single fully stream-lined data pipeline towards valid XBRL/iXBRL.

Import / ETL

Import XBRL/iXBRL into the Database solution you like. Fully streamed and stream-lined.


Projects & Consulting

We are technical experts in XBRL and related topics. Our customers use our extensive experience, knowledge and insights to make their projects a success.


Interested in learning the basics of XBRL? Want to deep dive into XBRL? We provide training for your key technical personnel as well as management.

Custom Development & Integration

We provide development and integration services for XBRL related customizations. Report creation, data consolidation, analytics, ETL.

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Taxonomy driven data management

Our flagship product allows taxonomy driven data management. Data management that is fully driven by taxonomy definitions defined by business leaders. No maintenance or data model mappings need to be provided by IT departments. In fact, its the world's most advanced off-the-shelf, zero-maintenance, drop-in database solution for XBRL and iXBRL.

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We think tools masking the perceived complexity of XBRL and leveraging the power of the standard to act as a data management layer or ‘middleware’ for data are the necessary evolution of its potential analytical applications, and it is encouraging the software market is evolving to meet this need. The NTT DATA & Reportix solution demonstrated it has the potential to reduce the cost of technology and data change. It also demonstrated certain steps traditionally carried out in solution development cycles during a project implementation would no longer be required and that it was possible to use the standard ‘natively’ without the need for transformation.
NTT DATA and Reportix created a user-friendly WebApp capable of sophisticated data analysis, enabling BoE analysts to see the data at their disposal, conduct more effective analysis, and data-driven decision-making. [...] The solution has already shown there is a product that can have a significant impact on the speed at which it imports, stores, analyses and visualises regulatory data. In particular, the PoC was primarily designed to reduce technology and data change effort by at least two thirds.
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Take control of your (i)XBRL data management.

Regulatory data processes made easy.
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