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Take control of your (i)XBRL data management

The world's most advanced off-the-shelf, near-zero-maintenance, drop-in database solution for XBRL and iXBRL

Top 3 Reasons

Faster Access to Business Information

Lower TCO by eliminating maintenance and change cost

Strong focus on APIs for easy integration

CellStore XBRL API

APIs: Made for integration

With CellStore® you keep all your infrastructure intact. Accordingly, all functionality is provided through APIs to make sure that CellStore® can be painlessly integrated. It has never been easier to access information from XBRL/iXBRL filings.

- Save your time

With CellStore® hardly any maintenance is required when any change in the underlying data model is deployed. The necessary metadata information for processing the data is automatically extracted from the taxonomies linked to the instance files. All imported information is instantly query-able.

CellStore Zero-Maintenance
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Take control of your (i)XBRL data management.

Regulatory data processes made easy.
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